CS 522

Seminar in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Fall Quarter, Thursdays 4:30 - 5:20 pm, Hewlett 200

How can we use AI to

reduce healthcare costs?


This course has 10 lectures. To get credit for this course, you must attend 8 of the last 9 lectures. The first lecture of the quarter does not account for attendance. Attendance will be taken on Canvas by entering a code in an attendance quiz for every week. The code will be put up at some point during the talk.

Course Info

Artificial intelligence is poised to make radical changes in healthcare, transforming areas such as diagnosis, genomics, surgical robotics, and drug discovery. In the coming years, artificial intelligence has the potential to lower healthcare costs, identify more effective treatments, and facilitate prevention and early detection of diseases. This class is a seminar series featuring prominent researchers, physicians, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, all sharing their thoughts on the future of healthcare. We highly encourage students of all backgrounds to enroll (no AI/healthcare background necessary).


  1. Professor Andrew Ng
    Former Chief Scientist of Baidu, Co-Founder of Coursera, Adjunct Professor at Stanford, and Founder of Google Brain
    September 28th
  2. Philip Nelson
    Director of Engineering, Google Accelerated Sciences
    October 5th
  3. Vinod Khosla
    Khosla Ventures, One of the largest funders of Health & AI start-ups
    October 12th
  4. Dr. Abraham Heifets
    CEO of Atomwise, AI for Drug Discovery
    October 19th
  5. Professor Anshul Kundaje
    Stanford Professor, AI for Genomics
    October 26th
  6. Sally Daub
    CEO of Enlitic, AI for Radiology
    November 2nd
  7. Dr. Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
    Chief Scientist, Medical Sieve Radiology Grand Challenge, IBM
    November 9th
  8. Professor Arnold Milstein
    Director of Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center & Director of the Stanford Program in AI-Assisted Care
    November 16th
  9. Dr. Natalia Bilenko
    Engineering, Bay Labs
    November 30th
  10. Professor Ron Dror
    Stanford Professor, Machine Learning for Computational Biology
    December 7th